The Event




The 2014/2015 FIA Formula E Championship will be contested over 10 rounds taking place on city-centre circuits around the globe. All rounds will be one-day events with practice, qualifying and the race taking place in a single day in order to reduce costs and minimize disruption to the host city.


All events will open with a one-hour practice session giving drivers their first experience of the circuit. They will have up to two cars available to them giving them the option to change cars should they wish. Full power (200kw / 270bhp) will be available throughout.


The qualifying session is a straight fight for the fastest laptime and determines the order for the day's race. The session will last 90 minutes and see drivers divided into four groups of five cars. Full power (200kw / 270bhp) will be available throughout with drivers only able to use one car. The driver setting the fastest time will be awarded three points.


Races will begin by standing start and last for approximately one hour with drivers making a mandatory pit stop in order to change cars. Engines will be restricted to power saving mode (133kw / 180bhp) but can be temporarily increased to maximum power (200kw / 270bhp) by using the Boost Button. Points will be awarded using the standard FIA system (see Rules & Regulations) with the driver setting the fastest lap also receiving two additional points.


The FIA Formula E Championship will consist of both a drivers and a teams' championship. A driver's end of season total is made up of his/her best results from all races. A team's total is made up in the same way.

Pit stops/Car changes

During races, drivers must make one mandatory pit stop in order to change cars. This must take place in their box and be observed by an FIA steward to ensure all safety equipment is correctly applied. Tyre changes, unless a puncture, are not permitted during this pit stop.

Push-to-Pass/ Fanboost

Fans can give their favourite driver an extra speed boost by voting for them prior to the race.

Who gets the FanBoost?

The three drivers with the most votes will each receive a 5-second ‘power boost’ per car per driver, temporarily increasing their car’s power from 170kw to 200kw. Help me get the advantage by voting.

How do I vote?

Votes can be cast online at as well as the Official Formula E Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo pages from July 1 and via the official Formula E app which launches on September 1 and lets you have 5 votes instead of just one per race (Check Apple store and PlayStore).